How to insert a favicon icon or image into the url of your domain name

Published: 14th April 2009
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1. Create a 16 pixel by 16 pixel image using any graphic design software that you possess and save it as a png file.

2. Assuming that you don't possess the necessary software needed to create a .icon image there is a website which will allow you for free to upload your png image and generate an .icon image out of it.This website is located at :

3. Use their favicon generator to create the appropriate icon image and save or download both the favicon.icon and png image to your My Documents

4. Rename the favicon.icon image and call it favicon.ico

5.Put both the favicon.ico and png images into the images folder of your website

6. Insert the following link anywhere within the head area of your website page ( You must insert this link into every page that you want the image to appear on )

7. Upload the folders to your server and thats it.

8. Due to bug problems with various browsers you may have to wait a while to see your favicon image within your url but it should be visible after the passing of a couple of hours.

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